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Tanglewood Case Study 3: Recruiting
1. Recruitment Guide for Store Associates
Position: Store Associate
Reports to: Shift Leaders, Department Managers, Store Manager, and Regional Manager
Qualifications: All are welcome to apply
*Having a basic knowledge of retail and customer service principles is a plus
Relevant labor market: Washington and Oregon
Timeline: None- continuous recruiting
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:
Local newspapers, radio, television
Post job opening on company website
Employ a staffing agency
Make positions available at state job services
Request employee referrals
Staff members involved:
HR Recruiting Manager
Regional Manager
Department Managers
Shift Leaders
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In a way it gives these employees an unfair advantage compared to employees being recruited in other ways. If managers are making it a goal to find qualified new hires, it is best if they use kiosks or staffing agencies rather than a method of relying on referrals. If other regions increase their use of external hiring it would show positive effects for Tanglewood. Newly hired workers from outside the Tanglewood environment would bring with them new ideas and fresh perspectives. External hiring also will enlarge the field of applicants and allow Tanglewood to have more diversity within the organization, which as well can bring about new ideas and different views and suggestions.
5. I think that it is very crucial that Tanglewood’s top management is highly committed to improving customer service quality. It is something that has been a part of their culture since day one of the organization. I can see why they propose that finding the cheapest way to hire is not always the most sufficient for the company. Other than cost and retention, there are other measures of employee performance that would be good for Tanglewood to determine if they have quality recruitment methods. One could be timeliness. Look at the amount of time it takes for certain tasks to be complete. If an employee is enthusiastic and cares about the job they will be getting

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