Analyzing Scientific Argumentation On The Conflict

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Resolving The Conflict 1. Need To Elucidate Scientific Argumentation When a subject matter is described as beyond logic, it is not meant illogical or that it completely lacks the usage of argumentation of any kind. If that would have been the norm, Shri Vallabhacharya would not have argumentatively defended the atomism of Jiva against the heterodox discipline propounded by Jainism in ‘Chit Prakran’ of shastrarth prakran nibandha (ि.दी. वन. शभ.प्र.कभररकभ.53) and elsewhere. Bhagwad Gita states man who is of a doubting nature perishes (संशयात्मा विनश्यवि-4/40 ) . Here doubt means lacking faith and not lacking curiosity or questions which on the contrary tend to enhance the virtue of a learner. Similarly, when scriptures state something …show more content…

Between the firing electrons and the wall there was a frame deployed to obstruct the passage of electrons with two slits that allowed them to pass. Electrons, being particles should hit directly behind the slit, producing particle like behaviour. Something like this- However, the electrons instead produced wave pattern, which is only possible when a single electron passes through both the slits. Some of the electrons even hit the area directly behind the barrier. Something like this- This showed that electrons have wave-particle duality like the Light and it exists in a ‘superposition’ which is a state of potential innumerable possibilities of existence. However, what further astounded the physicists was when a detector was placed to measure the passage of electrons to learn how it passes through both slits; the electrons immediately collapsed their wave function and reverted to particle like behaviour. Physicists then decided to act smart and switched on the detector once the electron had passed through the slit. But it seemed somehow the electrons knew that it was being detected and it immediately switched to particle like behaviour by adopting the passage from one of the either slit. In a nutshell, every time the electron was measured, it dropped its superposition and wave function. What stumps the physicists is the fact that what exactly counts as ‘measurement’ that leads the electrons to change their course. There are no concrete

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