Analyzing The Coping Mechanisms And Strategies Of Missing Children Essay

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I. The Problem: A. Determining whether there is a significant difference in the coping mechanisms or strategies of missing or murdered children. Also to determine whether the families of missing children ever truly get closure, without there being any knowledge of what happened to their child. B. I personally believe that parents of murdered children would have very different types of coping skills, then parents of missing children because they have to morn there losses and find a way to move on in a healthy productive way, while still in the processing of trying to go throw the legal proceedings. Also parents of missing children many hold on to an inkling of hope because they’re child hasn’t been found of presumed deceased. II. Review of the literature: A. Yes, I believe the citation is this passage are very factual and they go along well with the message they are trying to prevail. B. The citations are among the years of 1987-2003, while the article itself was published in 2006,so perceivably half of the cited articles are relevant while the others could be perceived as not as relevant due to the times that they were published because the knowledge may be outdated. C. This article doesn’t perceive as being bias, it seems very factual and sways on both sides fairly. III. Procedure: A. The research method used to find the information in the text is the observation method, because he observed parents of murder victims and parents missing children to determine

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