Analyzing The Movie Tuesdays With Morrie's Life

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Tuesdays with Morrie Life is a beautiful thing unfortunately; it will come to an end. We come in life as dependents and we often leave life the same way. However, when we care for older adults, they often reminiscence on their life and it either shows disappointment or acceptance. Erik Erikson believes they are in a stage called integrity versus despair, which is a challenging time for them to keep their integrity (Perry, Hassevoort, Ruggiano, & Shtompel, 2015). I will be discussing my reaction to Tuesdays with Morrie, the effects of touch and intimacy, the path of a spiritual journey, and analyzing a quote from the movie. Initial Reaction My initial reaction was curiosity. I wondered why a man did not make time for a woman he kept saying…show more content…
It means the “beliefs and practices that give meaning and purpose in an individual’s life (Tabloski, 2014). Nurses have to understand that each patient’s spirituality is individualized. We can help them along this path by knowing the patient’s preferences and religion, being fully educated on the religion, using appropriate resources such as the hospitals chaplain or a therapeutic response (Tabloski, 2014). Morrie mentioned being “fully present” while being with someone (Forte, Winfrey, Ogden, & Jackson, 1999). That means give them your full attention, be genuine, listen intently and make eye contact. Often times, we are so distracted by our surroundings that we are not “fully present”. Nurses can also help elderly patients find meaning in their lives and a sense of purpose. We can start helping them find this perspective by using reminiscence. Reminiscence provides the feelings of fulfillment that are needed to realize the meaning and purpose of our lives (Klever, 2013). The time used to sit down and talk to our patients can authenticate their worth and wisdom they have gained through the years (Klever, 2013). They can also help us find meaning in our lives by passing along their theories, beliefs, and wisdom just like Morrie did with
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