Analyzing The Occurrences During World War II Essay

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Analyzing the occurrences during World War II, the statement “despite being effective at the tactical and operational levels of war, the Germans lost the war on the strategic level” can be concluded to be absolutely true. The tactical and operational successes of the German army were demonstrated by their rapid victories at the start of the war with wildly successful Blitzkrieg tactics throughout Europe. This occurred as a result of operational successes during the invasions and victories of many European countries during these early years of the war. However, the reason that these tactical and operational successes didn’t translate into an Axis victory were because Germany never really had a concrete, sustainable strategy for the war. Hitler’s over-ambitious aims to expand his Third Reich, coupled with a racist ideology, led the German army to create more conflict than they were capable of sustaining. This flawed manner of thinking saw Germany open a war on two fronts, under the assumption that his adversaries were subhuman and thus, easily conquerable. Hitler held these ideals even at the expense of putting Germany into a poor wartime positions such as being caught in a two-front war. Besides having virtually no unified war strategy, the other primary strategic failures of Germany were a lack of communication between its allies and Hitler’s supremacist ideologies that prevented him from fully embracing a proper wartime economy and adequate logistical planning. At the

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