Analyzing The Passages, That The Apostle John

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Assurances of
Julian Strickland
John 1,2,3

This paper will demonstrate, through an exegetical analysis of the passages, that the Apostle John, in his letter to the churches in Asia Minor, communicated vital assurances of authentic faith in Jesus Christ. By understanding John’s encouragement then, believers can contemplate their own comfort and confidence provided through faith in Christ today.
I. Introduction
II. Context of First Epistle of John
a. Historical
b. Literary
III. Assurance in Eternal Life (1 John 5:13-21)
a. In Eternal Life (v. 13)
b. In Prayer (vv. 14-17)
c. In Victory over sin and Satan (v. 18)
d. As Children of God (v. 19)
e. In Understanding of who Christ is (v. 20)
IV. Application for Today
V. Conclusion
VI. Bibliography

The Apostle John, the one Jesus loved was said to have lived longer than any of the twelve Apostles after the death and resurrection of Christ. The Gospel in his name provides one of the most commonly used circular for evangelism today, just as it did late in first century Asia Minor. Many “traveled to learn from him and hear his stories about Jesus. Too many John was the primary person to learn all you wanted about Jesus. John lead a community of believers on the frontiers of Judaism. His church was Jewish Christians that knew little about Greeks, but live along side of Greeks. Their common bond was their allegiance to Jesus. This was a church that was united. Until some unidentified dissenters maybe

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