Analyzing The Salem Witch Trials

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In Rosalyn Schanzer Witches! The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem everybody started to accuse each other of being a witch. Which lead to witch hunts and trials, just because two girls woke up one morning having terrible fits. In the trials all the evidence that they had against the accused witches was spectral evidence and they also believed every bit of malarky that came out of the afflicted peoples mouths. The most unfair trials were the ones done by the court of oyer who were on the bandwagon for using spectral evidence and believing in everything. The trials were controlled by the afflicted because they had all of the evidence that no one could see except themselves.¨betty and abigail began to twitch and choke and contort their bodies into strange abnormal shapes.¨[ schanzer 19]. They said that when they had the fits that they supposevly saw witches do horrid things like drink blood and force that person to turn their body…show more content…
They were probably also unfair because of tensions between people like parris and burroughs. You would say that the reasons the trials were fair is because all the court wanted to do, is to stop the witchcraft in anyway possible. That statement is wrong because as i have said before when 32 highly respected people signed a petition to let burroughs free they just ignored it. In the end the reason the trials were so darn unfair is because of the court system they had back then compared to the one that we have today. Most of the court people were not educated in that field and did not know about justice and fair trials. What we can learn from this book is that to learn from our past and to not do it again. Since the trials, our government has gotten a lot better and has learned its mistakes that it has made and will hopefully not make the same mistakes
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