Analyzing Wilson's Paper

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1. Read ONLY the introductory paragraph of this paper. Then answer the following questions about the introduction: a) How effectively did the writer introduce the source? In the introductory paragraph, Hudson has introduced the source text giving the full title and the author’s name according to Wilhoit (2010). b) What background information did the writer include in this paragraph Hudson gives the reader an effective layout of the paper’s structure—its sections, after telling the reader that Wilson will discuss how college professors can use effective teaching strategies in the classroom to best impact the long term learning outcomes of millennial students. c) What information is missing from this paragraph? d) What is not clear in this introduction? Why? e) …show more content…

Where does the paper need more attribution or documentation? Why? 11. Mention two or three ways in which this paper is significantly different from your own paper. I think Hudson included good supporting information but could provide more documentation to support why she feels the organization of Wilson’s paper is not effective. As mentioned earlier, I believe nor think our papers are different; although it is obvious that Hudson and I share two very different views of Wilson’s paper and her intent to the readership. In my critique, I found that although the most significant scholarly articles used to support Wilson’s examination were dated they provided credible documentation and relevant today in the classroom. 12. How effectively did the writer integrate and use an outside source for this paper? Explain. Hudson did an excellent job integrating outside resources to support her judgments about Wilson’s reading; for example, Elam, Stratton & Gibson was used throughout her critique to support Wilson’s claims about the qualities of millennials. This was done using page numbers to show that she was citing from the readings as well as quotations for direct quotes. 13. What is the BEST part of this

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