Harry Brighouse's Analysis

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The contemporary education raises a number of challenges in face of educators, which they have to overcome to make the education process effective. In this regard, Brighouse distinguishes the diversity of the contemporary society and learning environment and the lifetime learning as the major issues that educators should address in their work with students. Harry Brighouse develops the idea that the contemporary education becomes more and more diverse and educators have to develop new approaches to teaching. In this regard one of the main ideas developed by Brighouse is the idea of the differential approach to students and learning process. Students have the different background and they need different approaches being applied to their learning. To put it more precisely, Brighouse argues that “people’s personalities vary on many dimensions: exuberance, spontaneity, …show more content…

The contemporary education should rather prepare students to what Brighouse defines as the self-governance that helps students to keep learning independently of educators. Today, people cannot stop progressing and learning anymore. Otherwise, they face the problem of the backwardness that deteriorates their competiveness in the labor market and just drop out of the mainstream culture. Therefore, the development of lifetime learning is the objective necessity and Brighouse gives implications to the importance of the lifetime education. This need derives from changes in human life and society driven by technological progress and other changes that take place in the contemporary world and will take place in the future. Today, the basic education students receive at school or college is not enough anymore since their knowledge and skills will simply become out of date in several years in the

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