Analyzing the Significance of the Evolution of Aeronautics in World War One and Beyond

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The advancement of air technology during the early twentieth century, brought about by the initiation of World War One, has posed significant questions about the role and value of aeronautics in major world tragedies, such as the September 11 Attacks in New York City and Washington D.C., and the 1991 Air Campaign of the Gulf War: Does the continuous advancement of aeronautics serve as the true mastermind of such acts of savagery and tragedy? Is the advancement of aeronautics the culprit responsible for the deaths of the elderly, women, infants, and children? Aeronautics revolutionized World War One and set the stage for the occurrence of major global events throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
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However, due to their penetrable material and large frame, they did not long withstand the ever-improving period of air warfare, and immediately were replaced with smaller, more durable aircraft. At the beginning of the war, airplanes did not have the capacity to carry crews, as well as weapons. If airmen had attempted to carry anything other than the crew on the planes, they would have carried the severe risk of negatively affecting the performance of the plane, which would result in detrimental effects on reconnaissance. However, as the war progressed, the idea of airplanes being utilized merely for reconnaissance purposes was deferred as a result of the rapid rate of growth in aeronautics. Soon, airplanes were being used to carry crews, weapons, and military supplies.
Along with the advancement of airplanes came the advancement of strategical tactics used in order to prevent the primary purpose of airplanes during World War One: reconnaissance. One of the most significant advancements in aeronautics as a result of the occurrence of World War One was the arrival of air bombers. The arrival of air bombers occurred after aircrafts finally had the capacity to carry crews, weapons, and military supplies without the performance of the airplane being affected. Air bombers were utilized in order to prevent the spying of dispositions by the enemy. However, one might argue

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