Analyzing the Teaching Profession

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Paramount importance in the treatment and education of man has the position and work of teaching. The teacher has always been the mainstay of intellectual and cultural progress of any society and the cornerstone of personal happiness every man. So, it be perceived the importance of this profession for man and society. It is no coincidence that everybody who exercise this profession should be at alert and disseminates the values and knowledge in children with the "best" way. This requires a constant struggle, who leads to professional development. But how does it achieve? The professional development starts and ends from school class. Every teacher is confronted with human resources and "invests" on it. Examines each student as individually and as a whole. Identifies specificities, knowledge gaps and skills, which students have, and try to adjust your learning and teaching to become more efficient. To achieve this required a conscious updating of his professional knowledge and improving of his professional competences. Occasionally organized various courses / workshops related to education. These workshops are an opportunity for teachers to enhance their knowledge and presenting new teaching methods, which can utilize in the classroom. It also organized training sessions or seminars in which teachers and / or researchers presented the results of their research which took part in their schools, and discuss problems of education. Through this constructive discussion everyone

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