Anaylsis of the Studies in Galaions by Tom Wacaster Essay examples

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The book, Studies in Galatians, by Tom Wacaster was an excellent study and very well put together. I felt he did a great job gathering others together to elaborate on some of the main points from this book. From the beginning, the author let you know, in the introduction a specific direction he was aiming toward even though the introduction seem to be a bit long. However, after I looked at it upon completion of reading, I appreciated it more than when I read it the first time. When you take second look, it made me understand the reading better. Moreover, the flow of the book was well organized, with the outline of the whole book coming after the introduction, and the remainder of the book broken down verse-by-verse, which brings the …show more content…

Nevertheless, the first chapter ends with a surprise to me when Wacaster places endnotes very precisely seemingly as a way to not forget anyone along the way.
Next, as we graduate to Chapter Two, I’m guilty of looking for those quotes by men. The book has almost become predictable, yet bearable. I don’t know if it was by design, but those quotes or writings Wacaster would interject in this book were a breath of fresh air. They seem to go outside the box unlike the writer. I have to give him a lot of credit for assembling a great team and making this book very interesting.
In addition, I noticed Wacaster would take a time out and take notice of some very important facts about what was just written, which was also very helpful in making this book better to understand. This was done in outline form to make more sense of what was just read and lets me know as a reader of his material that he sincerely wants readers to understand what they are reading. Perhaps, it could be to that he was honing a very elite skilled that he picked up from the Brown Trail School of Preaching known as sermon outlines. However, something else that stuck out with me from Chapter Two is “The Riddle of Having Been Crucified With Christ.” This riddle uncharacteristically has four points similarly to a sermon outline, which I can truly say was very well thought out and put together. I intend on including the four-point riddle in my future

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