Ancient Greek And Greek Architecture

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Ancient Greek architecture dates from around 800 BCE when the site of Delphi first obtained a religious significance. The architecture of Ancient Greece has influenced the architecture of the past two millennia most significantly that of Ancient Rome (Hemingway, 2003). Greek architecture influenced Roman architecture in extensive ways, giving that the Romans adopted and incorporated many Greek methods and elements into their own practice. Although the Romans were inspired by the Greek there are still many differences in their architecture most noticeably through materiality. Although the Greeks constructed many types of buildings the most recognisable “Greek” structure is the temple. (Becker, 2015) As stated by Coleen Hemingway in an article for the Metropolitan Museum of Art “ the Greek temple best exemplifies the aims and methods of Greek Architecture”. Whilst exploring such architecture it is necessary to examine the mentality, religious beliefs and driving forces of each civilization. According to Stierlin “Unlike the Greek temple, essentially a structure for the play of light and shade, with little interior space accommodating a small sanctuary, Roman builders typically used arches, vaults, matching domes …show more content…

Although the Romans were influenced and used parts of what the Greeks had previously designed and established, they quickly adopted new techniques combined with the existing techniques to construct a whole new range of architectural structures. In this style the Romans added to the Greek Corinthian columns making them even more decorative. The Romans also created their own column style known as the Composite Capital which was a combination of the volute from the Ionic order and the acanthus design from the Corinthian. (Cartwright,

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