Ancient Greek And Roman Architecture

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This essay will mostly outline the main similarities and differences associated with ancient Greek and Roman architecture. This paper will venture to distinguish the physical and integral differences between ancient Roman and Greek architecture. It will also determine the similarities associated with these two variations of ancient architecture. In addition, this paper will explain why and how these forms of architecture are still relevant in today’s society. Ancient architecture is not just a thing of the past; it’s more prevalent in modern day than ever before. We will then analyze how ancient Roman and Greek architecture differ in architectural style, construction methods, time periods they were created, and best of all, overall exterior appearance. At that point, this paper will propose and conclude a deeper meaning to this difference. The ancient Romans and Greeks were in an architectural battle. This was a constant battle to defeat each other in architecture. However, this was not just a battle between two empires in architecture. This paper is not just a compare and contrast essay about ancient architecture. This essay will outline and discover a greater purpose of this constant battle of architecture. There was much more to this rivalry than just to create better, more elegant structures. We will unravel the real purpose about this architectural rivalry that was created many, many centuries ago.

Ancient Rome vs. Greece: The Architectural War
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