Ancient Greek Culture

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Ancient Greek Culture The culture of Ancient Greece consists of many traditions, religious practices, music, and foods. The Greeks were very religious people. There are a large number of religious festivals that were celebrated by the Greeks with great enthusiasm. Dance was also very important to the Ancient Greeks. It is said that they believed dance t improve both physical and emotional health. Men and women rarely danced together. Some dances were danced by men while others by women. The Ancient Greeks loved stories as well. One favorite family activity was to gather in the courtyard to hear these storied being told by the mother or father. They created many stories, myths, and fables that are still told today. The Greek Society was divided between free people and slaves, which were owned by the free people. The slaves’ job was to be servants and laborers to the free people. They had no legal rights. The slaves were gained from either being prisoners of war or by being bought from foreign slave traders. As time progressed on, free men were divided into Citizens and Metics. A citizen was one who was born with Athenian parents, who were believed to be the most powerful groups among Greeks. The Citizens were able to take part in the government. A metic was one who was of foreign birth then had later migrated to Athens. Metics had to pay taxes, and they were sometimes required to serve in the army. However, Metics could never acquire the full rights of a Citizen.
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