Ancient Olympic Games

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1.Say whether the following statements are true or false. Find the lines in the text that support your answer.
1. In fact, such sports as lacrosse, field hockey, bowling and horse racing were invented by the American Indians.
2. Many different sports were developed in Britain in the 19th century.
3. The headquarters of golf is located in Great Britain.
4. Two types of rugby football differ from each other only in the number of players.
5. Before 1865, brutality was a characteristic feature of prize fighting.
6. Cricket is widely spread in the English-speaking countries.
7. Schools and colleges in England followed similar institutions in the US in the revival of sports. 2.Choose the correct variant.
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With growth of interest in sport in the 19th century, and the organization °f annual and traditional sport competitions, especially between schools and universities, the idea arose of reviving the Olympic Games in the modern world. A Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, was the enthusiast whose personal drive and initiative brought about the inauguration of the modern Olympic Games in 1896 with the participation of 311 athletes from thirteen countries, competing in nine sports. At first, the modern Games were limited to men. Women first competed in the Games in 1910, playing golf, but real women 's participation only began in Paris in 1924 with the inclusion of women 's athletics in the program. Winter sports were brought into the Olympic program through the organization of special winter Games, first held in France at Chamonix in 1924, with competitions in ice-hockey, speed skating, figure-skating, and skiing. These are still the basic events of the winter program, with the addition of bobsled and toboggan races. The most impressive event of the opening ceremony of the Games is the taking of the Olympic oaths. First a representative athlete from the host country, holding a corner of the Olympic flag, takes the following oath on behalf of all the participants: "In the name of all competitors, I promise that we will take part in these Olympic Games,

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