Anderson's Use Of Loyalty In The Film Anderson

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Anderson’s use of symmetry not only reveals changes but also consistencies. In a much later scene, Gustave and Zero are in trouble, so Gustave calls on the Society of the Crossed Keys for help. This society is learned to be a group of hotel concierges connected so that they may help each other. As each member of the society is called, the same scene is shown but to include a different character. Each member is shown at a hotel lobby desk that is placed in front of a door frame. Each concierge is in the direct center of the frame and is in between two identical halves of the screen. Each wall is identical, each lamp, each shelf, and even the things on the shelves are identical. This symmetry is no accident; again Anderson hones into detail and…show more content…
Anderson uses color to convey a sense of whimsy and to uplift the narrative; his color choices influence the reading of the film and add a lightness to the seriousness of situations. In one scene, Gustave and Zero are traveling by train as they cross a border they are stopped by Nazi soldiers. Because Zero is an immigrant, the soldiers wish to obtain him. But Gustave rejects this and both Gustave and Zero are attacked by the soldiers. The colors in this scene take away the intensity of World War II and the conflicts that ensued. Near the end of the film Anderson places a similar scene in black and white instead of color. This color change occurs when Gustave and Zero are again stopped by Nazis. However, they do not get away this time and Gustave is killed. Although audiences can feel the weight of this scene through the color change, the scene is heavier when placed against the World War II film Casablanca. Anderson’s use of black and white in this scene harkens back to the black and white war time movies of the 1940s. The Grand Budapest Hotel does not press any great emphasis on the war expect here in this scene. The emphasis is doubled when reminded of the sadness that is Casablanca and other World War II films by change of color to black and white. The gravity of the film is turned on when the screen shifts from color to black and
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