Andrea Butler 's The On The Bathroom Floor

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Sitting on the bathroom floor, sixteen year old Andrea Butler is curled up in a ball crying more than ever before. Several minutes pass before she stands up and looks into the mirror. She tries to compose herself by brushing through her dark brown hair, but as she looks back down at the small, plastic stick with two pink lines on it, her chocolate colored eyes immediately fill with tears once again. “What am I supposed to do?” Andrea thought over and over in her head. She was among the top of her class. She had a plan. She wanted to graduate school and to attend college. Everyone expected the best from her; no one thought she could make a mistake that could cost her so much. “If I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant with you when I did, I don’t …show more content…

My mother told me that she could never redo her mistake; she “fell in love with me.”
“The first person I told about my pregnancy was my best friend Stacy; she was very supportive through the whole process.” As Stacy would ironically later go through the same thing, they have always stuck together through thick and thin. Even today, nineteen years later, Stacy and Andrea are still best friends. Through the process she then told her boyfriend’s sister-in-law Jennifer and her boss Katherine. As soon as the news was shared, it spread like wildfire through the small town of Springhill, Louisiana. “Suddenly everyone known, I had no time to protect myself and tell the people who really mattered.” Before she even had the chance, her boyfriend and father both had already heard the news. My father was in disbelief and her father was furious about the situation, but even more furious that he had to heard the news from someone that was not his daughter.
The story of my mom telling her mother is now a story that the entire family laughs at. “She slowly got up and walked towards her car, she then drove off quickly. She apparently went to the liquor store because she came back within a few minutes with a daiquiri in hand. She comforted me, and told me everything would be okay.” Through the nine months, my mother’s life was full of doctor appointments, the purchases of several baby items, and the planning of her

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