Angela Carter And Traditional Fairy Tales

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Angela Carter was one of the most important writers among the contemporary British literary arena. In 1966, she published her first book Shadow Dance, after that, she published The Magic Toyshop which revealed Carter’s fascination with fairy tales. As for The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, it is a short story collection that I’m going to analyze in this essay. Carter, as the supporter of the feminist movement, many of her works was rewritten from the western fairy tales. And she believes that traditional fairy tales maintain and extend the dominant values in a patriarchal society, and these are the machines for the ideological control of patriarchal society and are powerful tools for restraining and repressing children, especially females. Thus,…show more content…
In western culture, fairy tale is an ancient literary form with simple plot and character setting. In Oxford Advanced Leaner’s English Dictionary, fairy tale is definite as a story about magic and fairies, usually for children. Fairy tales play an important role in western society which is regarded as next to the Bible in importance. They are necessary and essential to continue the cultural customs and values passed down from one generation to another generation. There are three distinctive features of traditional fairy tales. Firstly, nearly in all the fairy tales, men are active and dominant; in contrast, women are passive and submissive. Fairy tales are male-dominated, while female is often placed secondary to male, which corresponds to the expectations about the two sexes in patriarchal society. Secondly, the complexity of human nature is often simplified in fairy tales. Thirdly, in fairy tales, the story is generally told by an
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