Angela Davis Movie Reflection

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Although the film was extremely upsetting, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie because I learned so much. Throughout the entirety of the film, I felt heartbroken and ashamed. I think I felt this way because being a white, upper-middle class individual, I have never experienced anything similar to what Africans Americans go through daily. After watching this movie, I am doubtful any major changes will occur to eliminate racism. Since the institution of our country we have practiced racism and over two hundred years later, individuals are still being discriminated against. It is difficult to imagine any change will happen because the United States has become so immune to it. Furthermore, knowing some of the leaders of our country are racist brings me doubt that major changes, especially in legislation, will occur. If political leaders are against change, it is near impossible for any change to occur.

Angela Davis’s statement is accurate in which reforms tend to lead more to oppression. I believe this is due to lack of education on these issues. The lack of the public’s education in politics allows this oppression to continue. The fact that people believe that slavery is not permissible because of the Thirteenth Amendment is ignorant and foolish. The public is not aware of the discrimination minority races continue to endure by our justice system. Because many uneducated voters vote into office representatives that do desire to make changes regarding discrimination, no

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