Sankofa; Slave Rebellion

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Sankofa: Slave Rebellion Caribbean Politics Sankofa is an Akan word that means "Go back to your past, to move on to the future." Literally translated it means "it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot". This movie was written, produced and directed by Haille Gerima, a black professor at Howard University. The movie portrays a black model that goes to modern-day Africa to do a movie shoot with her photographer. While she is there, she encounters a Black African who tells her to return to her past. This man is Sankofa, a self appointed guardian of what used to be the Lafayette plantation. Sankofa is soon escorted off of the grounds by the employed guards. During the course of her trip, she follows a group of tourists into…show more content…
No more was I scared of being flogged, burned; even death didn't scare me. And when [chuckle] they got the notion to throw me out in the field suit me just fine. Gerima says he made Sankofa to raise consciousness; the movie isn't a couch potato's silver screen T.V. substitute. "I am not a court jester; I'm not out to entertain people," says Gerima. "I don't degrade myself by telling you I made Sankofa to entertain you. I made it to make you think." Gerima characterizes Hollywood as being more interested in bread and chocolate issues than bread and butter ones--that is, more interested in profits than people--and he criticizes the industry for being detrimental to Black struggles for freedom. Black audiences, he says, cannot rely on the industry to provide them with empowering images designed to raise consciousness. Gerima points out that most Hollywood movies, whose primary purpose is to make profits by entertaining, depress consciousness. "The motivating factor," he says, "determines the type of films they are. The fact that those industry films are done for commercial reasons automatically dismisses any possibility of arriving at a higher consciousness as a result of witnessing [them]."( After watching this movie, it gave me an appreciation of where I am from and all ancestors before me. This is definitely a movie that I recommend every black person watch. The movie was well written.
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