Anglicization In America

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As a people, my generation is immensely fond of bemoaning the suppression of their rights. We feign fear of the specter of fundamentalism that hovers above our society and perform the role of the oppressed. And this performance, rekindles our belief in our own intellect. The victim, whose radical ideas to inspire change in the regressive status quo are silenced by the state, is the desired aesthetic of choice. I never understood why we all collectively, and unbeknownst to one another, put on this show. Perhaps it’s because as children we idolize the hero who emerges from the mindless to identify the tyranny of those in power. We are all Neos in our own worlds, fighting against the machines. Not to be misunderstood, religious oppression is an undeniable reality in my country. But for us, the affluent youth, its manifestation is limited only to obscure articles and the occasional news coverage. If …show more content…

A generation that seldom converses in their mother tongue and hardly ever opts to consume local media; our Anglicization begins at birth. The exploration of fundamentalism began in school. As a senior student, I was tasked with inviting a speaker to our high school Model UN conference. I invited Pervez Hoodbhoy: decorated physicist and outspoken secularist. I regarded Hoodbhoy’s arrival as revelation. Who better to illuminate my path than the lone voice against extremism in the country? Alas, the director of our institution ordered the administration to instruct me to retract my invitation. It was a peculiar sight indeed: an institutional effort to limit the exposure of the student body to a branch of thought simply because of fear of a regressive society’s reproach. Nonetheless, I began seeking answers elsewhere. Simply the new habit of reading the nine ‘o’clock news ticker illuminated more about the horrors of extremism that define the status quo than a decade of private

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