Animal Control Public Education Officer Essay

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County of Orange
Class Code: 5911GE
Established: 2-2-93
Revised: 2-7-06
Under General supervision, to carry out a program of education to the public on the health care and regulation of domestic animals and wildlife in the local area; to make presentations to local schools and civic groups; to appear on local TV/radio shows to discuss animal control issues and to promote animal adoption; to act as liaison between Animal Control and contract city representatives and to do other work as required.
This is a specialty class in the Animal Control Officer Series. It is distinguished by regularly making presentations and writing educational materials for schools and community groups and appearing on television and radio to educate the public about animal care as contrasted to customary Animal
Control Officer duties of field patrolling and impounding of animals. It is distinguished from Senior
Animal Control Officer by the delegated education program responsibility and coordination of services/problems with contract cities, community organizations, and volunteers. Specific duties may vary depending upon assignment.
1. Makes presentations to schools and public groups about the care and handling of domestic animals, their characteristics, common ailments and treatment, etc.; explains State, County and local laws and regulations related to animal control and health.
2. Appears regularly on local
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