Animal Cruelty Is An Ongoing Problem

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Animal cruelty is an ongoing problem that continues to have no definite solution. There are a lot of things tied to animal cruelty such as: testing for cosmetics and other beauty related products, animals being used for entertainment purposes, and animals being used for research purposes and medical testing. All of these things being done have negative and harmful outcomes for the animals. Some animals even lose their lives because of the situations they 're put in. Many of these tests and experiments are only done to find out more about humans and human reactions to products and medications. Many people disagree with the use of animals for testing and entertainment purposes mainly for ethical reasons. Animals should be left in their …show more content…

Many of these confinements that the animals are kept in are undersized for the type of animal being kept there (Laidlaw). Circuses use animals, such as elephants and tigers, as a source of entertainment and do not treat them humanely. Animals like this are usually classified as exotic which results in circuses making more money (Evans, “Entertainment Animals”). Most aquariums also exhibit inhumane treatment for the animals that they keep in captivity. The whales and dolphins are kept in pools that aren’t the right size for them to swim freely. Some of these animals have inflicted pain on themselves while kept in captivity causing them to die. One specific orca kept swimming into the walls of her tank until she died a day after being captured from the wild. The average lifespan for an orca in the wild is up to 60 years; many of the other orcas that had been captured only lived for a few months while in captivity (Evans, “Entertainment Animals”). A solution for this problem, that would help the animals and not have much of an effect on the profit of the zoo, is fairly simple. Expanding the size of the habitats that these animals are in would be the first step in improving the environment that these animals are subjected to. Another way to help would be to incorporate real objects and land figures that represent the type of climate and environment the

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