America Is Not What It?

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America is not what it used to be. America has changed from what it was yesterday, and will evolve into the infinite unknown. Every day we continue to lose touch with our self-respect and what we value. We have lost our morality for animals. The public majority seems to no longer care how our meat is produced and made. Big companies have been able to keep it a secret from the people of how bad our meat has gotten over the past few years. These big companies are making billions of dollars a year, $198 billion to be exact, and are spending that money to keep their operations blind to anyone who even attempts to investigate them. The only way for these companies to really take a hit is if the public truly knows about what these companies are doing behind the curtain, the public needs to be properly educated on what’s happening to these animals and decide if all this cruelty is really worth it or not. This has been an ongoing problem for years now and it seems companies have gained nothing but power since most people have not cared to take notice. This not caring effect has led to companies doing whatever they want without a leash. Thousands of Americans everyday watch commercials for Mc Donald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s, all who advertise how great their meat is and trying their very best to convince us that we should indulge in their business practices. A sale for a burger means a thumbs up for the business practice. For the most part it works because we don’t properly

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