Animal Disease Control

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Animal Disease Control Introduction “Some animal diseases can also infect animals of other species, and people. The government helps to combat outbreaks of these zoonotic diseases.” This is a quote from Government.ln, giving a little insight on how they begin controlling this problem. When a farmer had an animal that becomes sick they are able to treat the animal with antibiotics, or if they do not have the proper antibiotics they call a vet to treat. Disease that farmers need to notify the vets, so they can notify higher ups, about are: Mad Cow Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease, Q Fever, Parrot Fever, Swine Fever, Bird Flu. Depending on the type of the disease is how the treatment process will go and whether or not the animal needs to be separated from the herd or not. Main Point 1 Guidelines are used in all countries to identify the properties, objectives and and to find a goal for the disease. The first step to control a disease is to establish a disease control program and follow certain steps. The first step would to be able to get as much detailed information as possible, this would be things such as what kind of disease situation it is, the disease impacts (what and who this disease could affect), the identity of the disease. Another step to establishing this program is to identify the biological factors of the disease. Biological factors can be factors such as the species affected, transmissibility, modes of transmission, distribution and density of the

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