Animal Farm, By George Orwell

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George Orwell’s novella, Animal Farm, is a representation of the Russian Revolution and the Communist government that followed. The novella begins with the working class animals living under the rule of their bourgeois, the farmers. Anti-human sentiments grow among the proletariat animals, until they revolt against the farmer and his men and create their own governing system for the farm. This system, known as Animalism, is the idea that all animals are friends and that men are evil. Their new society starts out great; they have equality among the animals and plans for strengthening their farm. Two pigs soon become the forefront of Animalism, Napoleon and Snowball. These pigs often fight and do not work together to get things done, much like Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky of the Russian Revolution. Much like Trotsky, Snowball is chased out of the society and blamed for all of the problems that occur after his banishment. The animals’ utopia begins to crumble as Napoleon and the remaining pigs begin to take more and more privileges, and demand that the other animals work harder for less food. By the end of the novella, it is evident that the pigs have become worse than the farmers that were in control originally. Animal Farm, explains that in society, there will always be a select few that receive more benefits than the rest of the population, and how the general public allows this to happen.
Throughout the novella, the theme that there will never be a complete equality in

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