Animal Farm, By George Orwell

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Throughout the novella, the animals of Animal Farm are manipulated and, consequently, deceived by the elite pigs to act in ways that are against the original commandments. Shortly after taking over the Manor Farm, from alcoholic Mr.Jones , the animals took charge of the new "Animal Farm." With only animals residing on the new farm, commandments, are set into place to ensure the future well-being of the farm. Since pigs are believed to be the most intelligent animal, pigs Snowball and Napoleon struggle with each other for power and the influence of the other animals on the farm. Relying only on his own personal logic and rhetorical skills, Snowball is no match for the crude, and selfish ways of Napoleon. Napoleon and Snowball use rhetoric throughout to strengthen their influential power over the other animals of the farm. I believe that Napoleon used rhetoric to influence the puppies of the litter. Napoleon takes on a litter of puppies with the intention of the puppies becoming his own secret police, a violent means by which he imposes his will on others. Napoleon established ethos with the puppies by making the puppies believe that he wanted the best for them and for the farm. The pathos aspect made the puppies feel loyal and unified by Napoleon. The pathos aspect concerning Napoleon made him feel empowered into a dictatorship. It also made Napoleon think about how he was going to ensure his role of commander of Animal Farm. Napoleon was able to use logos when

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