Animal Farm By George Orwell

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George Orwell’s book entitled Animal Farm provides an interesting insight on the political scene of the Soviet Union during the era of political changes in which the Soviet Union gained power as described with the analogy of a group of animals on a farm who overthrow their farmer and proceed to struggle through decision making and struggles associated with searching for a balance of power. There is a series of power changes and periods of different leadership styles described. To understand the novel and the political implications that it implies one must understand these political power changes and political systems. The first political system described by Orwell is the farmer and his total control of the animals. This can be interpreted as the time prior to the rule of the Soviet Union. Prior to the rise of the Soviet Union Russia was ruled by a Tsar Nicholas II. As in most cases the government was not questioned. Most actions are done as they always have been. The Tsar was the supreme power with unquestioned power. As described in the book the government is controlling, but they also provide the necessities for society. This is paralleled by the ideas of the farmers using the animals and yet still providing for their needs by feeding them and providing them with shelter. In most of these situations because the Tsar is left unquestioned those that are being ruled do not realize the injustices or choose to ignore them because they are seen as “the norm”. However as in the

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