Animal Farm By George Orwell

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George Orwell’s book entitled Animal Farm provides an interesting insight on the political scene of the Soviet Union during the era of political changes in which the Soviet Union gained power as described with the analogy of a group of animals on a farm who overthrow their farmer and proceed to struggle through decision making and struggles associated with searching for a balance of power. There is a series of power changes and periods of different leadership styles described. To understand the novel and the political implications that it implies one must understand these political power changes and political systems. The first political system described by Orwell is the farmer and his total control of the animals. This can be …show more content…

In the book there is a pig named Major. Towards the end of his life he begins to question the authority of the farmer. Not only does he question he also tells others spreading his ideas to as many of the animals that he can reach. Major is seen to be representative of the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks fed off of the resentment of the peasants at their lack of land and the looming threat of World War I. The government promised to address the issues but took their time in doing so. By spreading their ideas the Bolsheviks gained the support of many people. This would soon lead to the support needed to set the stage for a revolution that would overthrow the provisional government that was setup following the overthrow and execution of Tsar Nicholas II by the provisional government. This provisional government was unable to perform as the people wanted because of the slow process of institution of their policies and the time necessary for elections. In 1917, Less than a year after the overthrow of the Tsar, Vladimir Lenin seized control from the provisional government with the backing of the Bolshevik party. This overthrow of the provisional government allowed for the Bolsheviks to gain complete control over Russia. Lenin took the role of leader both in the revolution and the setup of the government that would soon follow. However as in the book there were two strong leaders that began a struggle for power. While Lenin was the

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