Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Most people would think that a book named Animal Farm would be about something harmless, playful, or childish. The author George Orwell even subtitled the novella, “A Fairy Story.” However, Animal Farm carries a much deeper message than one might initially suppose. The story chronicles the development of a farm in England named, “The Manor Farm.” The animals of the farm are controlled and oppressed by Mr. Jones, the farmer, and his ranch-hands. One night, a pig by the name of Old Major, delivers a speech to the animals, telling them that he wishes to establish equality for all animals, and urges them to rebel against Mr. Jones. The rebellion is successful, with the pigs, being the most intelligence animals on the farm, assuming leadership. Old Major’s precepts are summarized in Seven Commandments, and the farm is renamed “Animal Farm.” Two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, vie for power, and eventually Snowball is evicted from the farm by Napoleon. Napoleon and his fellow pig assistant Squealer gradually destroy the Seven Commandments and convert the farm into a totalitarian state. The novel ends with the animals realizing that the pigs have become humans. Animal Farm is actually a parody of the Soviet Union from its conception and how it was changed by dictator Joseph Stalin, who Napoleon the pig represents. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm from 1943 to 1944, in the later years of World War II (he worked as a British propagandist), and published the novel in 1945, as the war was

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