Animal Overpopulation Research Paper

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Introduction Animal overpopulation, caused by the failure of spaying and neutering pets, is an extremely relevant issue occurring in the United States. This problem can be solved simply by: encouraging people to adopt animals from shelters instead of breeders, educating individuals on the many responsibilities that come with owning a pet and creating regulations for pets to become neutered and spayed. Humans play a crucial role in putting an end to this problem. Therefore, we can take steps towards fixing this problem that these animals can not take upon themselves. It is up to us to acquire the responsibility of spreading the message on the suffering these beings are enduring, and to commit to building happier and loving lives for our furry friends. Description of Problem The issue of animal overpopulation can be defined in many different ways: from the overcrowding of dogs and cats in humane shelters, the constantly increasing number of homeless animals, the ever growing amount of unwanted and unplanned litters, all the way to the abandonment of pets due to an owner’s lack of commitment. Regardless of what you interpret animal overpopulation as, the general complication is that the animal to available home ratio in the United States is completely unbalanced, leaving thousands of animals abandoned, homeless and uncared for. Not only is animal overpopulation a problem for these beings, it also has a negative impact on our lives as well. The process of putting of finding these…show more content…
All humans are capable of making choices that will impact these creatures lives for the better. This issue must be taken seriously, as it is not only causing the loss of innocent lives, pain, loneliness and suffering, but it is also affecting our lives by creating large bills for us to pay. If everyone worked together to put an end to animal overpopulation, humans and pets could all live easier
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