Animal Research : The Miracle Of Animal Testing

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Ali Alhasoon Dr. Jessica Oxendine English 1301 13 October 2017 The Miracle of Animal Research Animals have been our companions for centuries. Since ancient Greek, humans have experimented on animals to study them, find answers, and treatments for diseases (Dey et al). Evaluating new chemicals to potentially cure diseases and help people survive longer. Much progress has been achieved by means of animal experimentation. While many people today strongly oppose it. However, I support animal testing simply because there are no real current absolute alternatives, also it’s doing more good than harm to animals. And most importantly it contributes tremendously to life-saving treatments. First, science has advanced a lot since the early days of animal testing, today we have many alternative techniques like petri dish cultures, computer simulations, and many others to test drugs and treatments that complement animal testing. However, animals offer unique results that still elude other techniques. Some tests that involve complex reactions can only be demonstrated by a living organism. For example, Petri dish culture cannot give the same results that a living organism can when researching conditions like blood pressure and blindness (“California Biomedical”). Even a supercomputer cannot simulate how one part of the brain affect other parts of the body (Doke and Dhawale ?). Therefore many regulations were introduced by the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to ensure maximum protection
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