Animal Testing And The Animal Welfare Act Of 1970

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Every life has a choice. Every choice has a reason. Every reason has a purpose. All answers come into place. Why? Now that is the question people ask themselves on a daily basis when trying to find human cures or treatments. Why are the experiments having this sort of effect? Why have the experiment subject’s internal organs disintegrated? Nevertheless, people assume test subjects to be volunteering humans, the homeless, or desperate aliens who are willing to do anything to cross the border or country. In reality, animals [mainly cats, dogs, and mice] are the ones that endure experimentation for the future of mankind. Even though animal testing helped discover treatments for aggressive diseases and safely determined the outcome of mankind, it still sidesteps the fact that animals are their own being, it violates the Animal Welfare Act of 1970, the discovery of humane methods shows it to be beneficial, and the test results will soon become void for the benefit of mankind.
According to Clifford J. Sherry, animal testing first started in ancient times by the Greeks, Arabs, and Romans. They conducted animal testing to simply satisfy their anatomical curiosity because it was believed that the animal body contains about 94.5% of that of the human body. Early Greeks in the 6th century performed experimentations on the animal which led to the discovery of the nerve system, brain and spinal cord function, and cardio-pulmonary system; whereas, the early Arabs in the 12th century

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