Animal Testing Is A Controversial Issue For A Significant Time Frame Essay

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Animal testing


Animal testing also known as animal experimentation has become a controversial issue for a long time.Testing on animals has enormously increased with the advancement of research and development in medical field. Animals are used as experimental models to test the products, medicines and chemicals before they are released in to the market.However,testing on animals is a cruel act and should not be encouraged to carry experiments on animals for human benefits.As we know, nothing interesting is ever completely one sided, same goes with animal testing. A brief account of what type of animals are tested and how it should be minimized is discussed in the paper with examples.


Animal testing is widely done for research purposes to understand how a product behaves on human body. It is usually conducted in universities, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and some facilities designed for experimenting. Animal testing has been going on for a significant time frame, since ages. The myth that experimenting on animals is one of the ways to obtain the accurate results of the products that humans use is the primary root cause for animal testing.Animals are used for research purposes as a tool to understand effects of medical experiments. Moreover, experiments are done on animals like cats, mice, dogs, rabbits and monkeys to obtain different products like vaccines, antibiotics, and cosmetics, which are used in medical treatments,

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