Animal Testing Should Be Banned?

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Animal testing should be banned.
The use of animals in scientific research has hugely increased in the last few years. A research conducted by Dr. Hadwen Trust suggests that approximately 115 millions animals are used in scientific experimentation every year (qtd in “Fact and figures”). Animal testing, also known as animal vivisection, is a process before human clinical trials, where animals are used in experiments to determine toxicity, dosing and efficacy of drugs (Biology dictionary). Although some scientists argue that animal testing is necessary to ensure safety, animal testing is unreliable, dangerous and unnecessary.

Supporters of animal testing say that an animal’s physiological structure is similar to a human physiology. For this reason, they claim that animals should be used for scientific research. However, such an argument completely ignores the fact that it has been scientifically proven that animals and humans are different ,therefore this testing process is unreliable. Many drugs that seem to be effective in animals fail in humans. For example, a study reported by the journal Alternatives to laboratory animals in 2008 showed that 80 HIV/AIDS vaccines that successfully worked at the moment of being tested on animals, failed in human trials. Furthermore, a study in the International Journal of Neuro-protection and Neuro-generation reported that only 150 out of 700 treatments that showed efficacy in 4000 animal experimentation processes worked in

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