Animal Testing: Pros and Cons Essay

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The ethical treatment and testing on animals is a widely controversial subject in the field of zoology. Views on animal testing range from positivity to full negativity. Animals such as mice and rats have been found to have psychological and genetic similarities that relate to humans which make them perfect for the experimental trials. Before various products are put out for humans consumption, animals are the most common way for companies to see if their new inventions work. The benefits and improvements to modern medicine as a result of animal testing should be weighed heavily against the harmful and toxic ingredients used in such experiments and their detrimental effects on test subjects like rats and mice. Something important to …show more content…
The three Rs represents a way of keeping to an absolute minimum of usage, purifying experiments down to the basics and using alternatives. These will benefit the animals and help worried consumers. Changes in modern medicine because of animal experimentation can be seen in many parts of the field of medicine. Not only in human medicine, but also in veterinary medicine are obvious improvements. There are better vaccines for rabies, amongst many others, and treatments for feline leukemia. According to Americans for Medical Progress, 2.7 million Americans have an active seizure disorder (Animal Research). It is reported that because of animal testing, nine new medicines and eight treatments are in the process of being created from product testing on animals. Also, there is restored hope that there is a chance that diseases like AIDS and heart disease could be cured because of experimental animal trials (Animal Research). There has also been dramatic improvements for a Parkinson's Disease treatment including stem cell therapy first done on animals (Animal Research). The improvements are very beneficial to not only humans but also animals alike. On the other hand, there are many harmful toxins and ingredients in the testing materials that cause harm to animals. Animal advocates believe that all creatures should have the same rights as humans (The
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