Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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In today’s cosmetics industry, many ordinary animals, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and monkeys, are being subjected to animal testing on products that could potential benefit a person’s complexion. Such animals are often chosen, because their DNA is genetically very similar to humans, and thus could be used for testing. The extensive procedures to testing various merchandises could potentially harm the animals during the process, because there are multiple trials to see whether or not the product is safe to use on humans. Of these trials, many animals suffer from intensive allergic reactions that could have long-term affects on them or potentially kill them. American cosmetic industry today are harming innocent animals, specifically rabbits, through testing procedures and instead should be using human cells to make synthetic cells that could be tested on rather than on live animals. Laboratory rabbits are being abused to fit the needs of the cosmetic industry. In skin irritation experiments, the rabbit’s back are shaven and cosmetic ingredients are applied to the raw skin. The rabbits are not given any pain relief to these toxic chemicals that will often burn the skin, and thus leading to tissue damaged. Once the experiment is over, the rabbits are killed. Also, rabbits are subject to eye irritation experiments. John H. Draize, Ph.D, is a scientist at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In 1944, Dr. Draize developed the Draize eye test to evaluate eye

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