Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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When people think of cheating they think of copying off a smart student in school, or having somebody else do their homework. However in the livestock industry cheating happens in many other ways. Obviously, the main goal when showing an animal is to win, or make the sale at their respective shows. How far will exhibitors actually go to win a show though? In recent years there has been controversy at many major livestock shows over drug testing, and animals testing hot for illegal drugs which means when tested there was traces found of illegal substances within the animal. This is not the only way people have been caught cheating though; some exhibitors have switched animals with another exhibitor prior to the show. Showing an animal at the county fair or state fair is supposed to be an educational experience where kids learn responsibility and hard work, not getting placed last in class because somebody cheated to win. In an article Drug Testing in Show Animals by Living the Country Life states, “Most shows are going to do winners, either class winners or champions, depends on how deep they 're going to go, and randoms in a urine test.” This quote is explaining a policy on drug testing at some of the major livestock shows across the United States. Sure, many livestock shows drug test the winners but how do they actually get punished? The article Drug Testing in Show Animals by Living the Country Life describes, “If drug residues are found, penalties may include

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