Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Animal experimentation is not the most accurate testing, just because some medicine and cosmetic product pass an animal test it doesn’t mean it has a beneficial effect on humans. Animal tests have evolved in many ways throughout history in negative and positive ways. A strong negative being that we are different from animals but not just animals we are also different from each other. There are many arguments that we humans wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for reliance on animal testing. However, because of all the improvement in technology we have started to lean away from some animal practices. Which is excellent because some of the cruel testing has started to die down, some studies showed that testing isn’t always as …show more content…

The fact that these experiments would have no benefit to humans certainly qualifies them as excessive, therefore abusive. Possibly the ultimate example of the cruelty of animal experimentation methods is that of the decompression chamber. This research was abusive because it caused excessive suffering. When the research has already been documented, even unethically, there is absolutely no excuse to repeat it for curiosity’s sake. As the saying goes, two wrongs do not make a right. Different methods of testing cosmetics have been found for example, PETA explained that cosmetic manufactures, “Now can drop chemicals onto cornea- like 3-D tissue produced from human cells” (PETA). This method is now used to replace the use rabbit eyes for testing.
Insufficient regulation about treatment of animals in testing allows for abusive handling. According to Thomas Gale, who formerly worked for Elliot Spindel, a medical researcher in the field of the effects of consumption of nicotine, pregnant monkeys were “subjected to multiple surgeries to implant nicotine pumps in their backs and their babies are cut out of their wombs to dissect their lungs” (Gale). If that isn’t bad enough, Gale continued by saying that he “‘witnessed some of the mothers post-surgery with the same signs of clinical depression that women suffer from after going through the emotional tragedy of losing a stillborn baby” (Gale).

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