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Anime and Manga
According to Stewart (2013), "Japanese culture is becoming increasingly popular within Western society”, particularly anime, cosplay and games. In the comic world of Japan, comic books are called manga, and anime means that animation cartoon. Manga is a visual narrative to gratify readers through the capability of its plot and characters, and many animation, movie and computer game stories are from manga. In the academic and art fields, fan culture, the majority of visual images, fictional characters plots and signs are the most attractive features in anime and manga. This subculture is popular among teenagers and young adults and also creates the unique fandom activity - cosplay (Chen, 2007).
What is Cosplay
Cosplay or kosupure (Japanese) is a combination words which means costume and play or role play (Rahman et al., 2012; Peirson-Smith, 2013; Winge, 2006). In the academic and popular culture field, the origin of cosplay is from Japan, that is similar to western masquerade (Chen, 2007). It is a performance art that fans dressing up and performing the roles as from comic books, movies or anime (Gn, 2011; Chen, 2007). These enthusiasts or fans of role play are called cosplayers or cosers (Ziran, 2006). Through costume, they can transform with the characters they want to become. For them, “costume therefore is a kind of magical instrument” (Peirson-Smith, 2013). In the comic convention, it not only can see the comics, anime, fictions or games, but also often

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