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Anime Anime is the Japanese take on the word "animation". It represents the Japanese style of animating cartoons. However, not all anime is for children. Majority imported to America is aimed at an adult audience- containing deep storylines, graphic violence, gore, as well as nudity and adult situations. This cinematic genre is a fast growing trend in the west and can now possibly be considered the most popular phenomenon among children, considering the success of the much-in-demand anime series "Pokémon". Anime art is known for it's characters' big round eyes, abnormal shaped hair, and it's unique exaggeration of physical reality. Since anime is basically movies translated into animation, it contains as many subgenres as there…show more content…
Usually it's a helpless, victimized, female character that ends up falling madly in love with the hero. Kagero, a female ninja, best fits the description of this character. Because she is a ninja, she's not as helpless as some might imagine the "damsel-in-distress" character to be, but she is constantly victimized (helplessly raped twice by two different enemy demons) and is saved a countless number of times by
Jubei. Sure enough, in the end, she falls in love with Jubei, the only man to ever steal her heart.

The third main character type is "the enemy". The "head" antagonist, usually male, is a hideous monster in horror anime, and in action anime almost always possesses supernatural powers. He seems much more invincible and usually batters in the climax, but he always has a weakness for the hero to capitalize on. He is impure, immoral, unethical and, in short, evil. His heart has no remorse for his actions and for those suffering from them. The enemy, like the hero, is unknown to us and is gradually introduced throughout the story. The enemy of this story is Himuro Gemma. Gemma is a bisexual, immortal human with the ability to reincarnate himself. In his early days, he caused Jubei and his friends to turn on each other, forcing Jubei to kill them. He poisons an entire village, and with the help of his henchmen, plans to take over an already dark army of ninjas.
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