Minerva Mirabal: A True Hero Essay

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A true hero Heroes can be anyone who set there mind to it. One woman can be a heroine to all the women and the people who have been misjudged and looked down upon.Minerva died a heroine and remains one today. She fought for what was right even if it meant death.Minerva is a heroine due to the fact that she fought for what was right and that never stopped her. She found out early that Trujillo was a bad guy,she fought for law school, and also had personal issues. Nothing ever stopped her, she fought till the end. Minerva found out at a young age that Trujillo was not the guy to play around with. Sinita exclaimed," people who open their big mouths didn't live very long"(pg.16).Minerva had to learn that if she opened her mouth at all about …show more content…

But the women they see her as a hero who at least stood up and got the degree. Minerva done something most women might have never thought of doing. Not only did she fight with the government but she also had to face personal issues that made it even more difficult. Maria Teresa stated "Another women, right?"Minerva gave me a quick nod."(pg.92).Minerva, like many others, had to deal with her husband cheating. But she didn't let that stop her from what she was doing. They did fix their relationship but the hurt she felt is like that of many women there. She was a hero for going through that and doing the underground revelation in the the mist. Minerva said ," papa is taken out of the room" ( pg. 69).Minerva's actions got father arrested but it was for standing up for herself. She fought off Trujillo when he tried to harass her. It is hard for anybody to deal with their father gone but it showed how strong and how much will power they have. Maria Teresa said, "Ay, poor papa, he lost it all in the end and went behind palm trees." ( pg.78).Minerva lost her father, the person she looked up to the most. This shows that Minerva still had the guts to fight even when he left. A true hero has the courage to do that.Personal sacrifices hurt some people and others make them stronger. Minerva fought through it all and that is the hardest thing to do, sometimes a real hero can face

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