Essay The Heroism of Minerva from In the Time of Butterflies

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Although Minerva died she died for a cause she that believed would bring peace to her nation. She said no when everyone else said yes. Minerva is an ordinary girl but she doesn't take nonsense from anyone. Minerva has several characteristics of heroism but the ones that stand out most is her determination, her courage, and that she fights for what she believes in.  Minerva shows the most bravery out of all her sisters. She was basically forced to dance with Trujillo at the party and made a scene. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" I push a little against him so he'll loosen his hold, but he pulls me tighter towards him"(Minerva pg 66). Trujillo tried to grab Minerva's butt and she slapped him in …show more content…

  Determination is a key characteristic of heroism and Minerva is full of it. "Yes, I denied knowing him, I was afraid... Again I choose my words carefully"(Minerva pg72). Even know she was under so much pressure and anything she says can get her in trouble she managed to keep her cool and lie to them. Minerva is trying her hardest to keep her cool because the last thing she wants is to get caught lying. Minerva is asked if she know Lio which is the guy she really likes and she lies to them to save herself. "But you must believe me,we were just friends. If I'd been in love with him, I would have left the country as he wanted me to"( Minerva pg72). Minerva was very clever she secretly liked Lio but she was determined to make them believe she did not. Minerva was later given the choice to roll for her fathers freedom and her chance to go to law school could finally happen, but if she lost she would then have to do what Trujillo wanted. "But I am so sure I can beat him now that I know his secret, I'll toss"(Minerva pg76). Even knowing the risk of losing, Minerva still wants to play just so she will finally go to law school And save her father from being tortured.  Minerva was a truly incredible person. She was just as ordinary as anyone else, but she was also one of the bravest people there are, and she never gave up a step of the way. Not only Minerva but all of her sister are some of the most courageous girls amongst any other girl during this

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