Anne Bradstreet and Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Anne Bradstreet and Ralph Waldo Emerson The first biography of an author is Anne Bradstreet. Anne Bradstreet appears in the Puritan timeline in early 17th century. She was born and raise by the Dudley family in the Northampton, England. During her lifetime event, her writing style is very basic with very detail information and unmaintained of the life natural. Also she used the advance vocab to apply into the book for average people to make sense in her own book she made. During her life event, her family journey to the America for reason of setting up of the puritan's own colonies from other colonies countries. But this may result of her and her family of difficult task journey. On that event, her…show more content…
The culture that impacted each of their own writing, because of how their own culture have gone through based of what culture are they on. There are differences of each of authors that are in different time period that can have impacted on their own writing. Ralph Waldo Emerson was an author that lives in Romanticism time period. In this time period, he’s one of authors that are in subgroup of Transcendentalism (inside of Romanticism) that result of impacted in his writing. Not all of people that are in Romanticism in their own subgroup don’t really follow the same idea and society. For Anne Bradstreet’s Puritan time period that impacted the writing is that she knew that she didn’t wanted to be punished by the god. Also, she needed god to help her free from her stuff to focus more on the God. There is not similar of each author's own time period that impacted their own writing. To understand more of these two authors, it has to compare of their own writing style of these difference by Anne Bradstreet and Ralph Waldo Emerson. For Anne Bradstreet’s her own writing style, she has advantage of best thinker to apply of brainstorm ideas and using traditional that apply to her own writing style. For Ralph Waldo Emerson, his writing style is not only apply to knowledge of ideas but given as a powerful speaker that apply to his

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