Anne Frank Diary Analysis

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The Diary Of A Young Girl At the peak of World War II, considerably one of the most graphic and eternal wars, a young girl and her family were forced into hiding for 25 months, where she kept a diary enclosing the toll on the seven family members throughout their time. Anne Frank is an ordinary girl whose life is upturned without warning. She was a simple teenage girl, caught in the middle of a war that had seemingly no end.
Anne’s diary is packed with various emotional battles she struggles to overcome while in the Annex. Her constant annoyance with her mother, as well as the displeasurable Mr. Dussel, have Anne in a constant state of irritation and melancholy. “I put my head in my arms and sobbed my heart out.”, “...And I felt …show more content…

“Together we could banish our loneliness, yours and mine!” Anne writes.
After long talks with Peter, and rekindling her relationship with Margot, Anne states her mood has risen greatly. She starts to confide in Peter for information concerning sex and the male reproductive organs. Anne states her parents had never taught her about such things, and would constantly dodge such questions. Her conversations with Peter inspire her to write passages about such topics, going into detail about the female reproductive organs, where she shares a great deal on the subject.
Anne’s adolescence is hidden by her vast knowledge on common subjects. She learned almost 4 languages, among those Dutch and English. Though she constantly hides herself behind her sister’s shadow, Anne is knowledgeable in almost all subjects she learns. Her Father is tutored by herself in Dutch, and she listens attentively to the BBC radio, holding basic understanding of the current war that surrounds her.
Anne Frank discovered herself through her diary. Her constant grasp for affection and need of love drove her towards madness. Although she was only 14, her life had been upturned and shaken within days. Her father Otto Frank had applied for refuge in America, where him and his family were denied. After 25 months in the Annex, she and the families were discovered by the Gestapo, where they were taken to

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