Anne Moody 's Coming Of Age Essay

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Anne Moody, a black activist in the twentieth century, wrote an autobiography, Coming of Age in Mississippi, which illustrated how life was like growing up poor and black in the rural south. She wrote in details of her life living in the racist society and what it meant to be black in the South twentieth century. Readers were able to understand her personal thoughts as well as her memories of the fight growing up in the south and her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Moody grew up with a poor family and faced many challenges throughout her life. Anne Moody’s life is representative of the black experience in the American twentieth century by experiencing racism, and unfair prejudice; but also being persistent in her life and with the struggle to defeat white oppression. In her autobiography, Anne Moody emphasized racism and how it affected her life growing up in the twentieth century. All throughout Anne’s childhood, white people asserted that they were superior to whites. Anne’s mother, Toosweet Davis, worked as a maid for a white family. One of Anne’s first encountering’s with racism is when her mother brought home leftovers from the white families home. Anne stated that the food her mother had brought home was the best food she had ever eaten, and that was when she had discovered that the white people seemed to be different that her. Also, being that Anne was a quick-witted child, she was able to identify racial situations around her growing up. For example, as a
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