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Annotated Bibliography
"Jail." West's Encyclopedia of American Law., 2017. Web. 30 Jan. 2017.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, they have done their research with bureau of statistics, they have cited. They have Ideas from Jamie Larowitz of off a article called “The Eighth Amendment and State Correctional Overcrowding”. They also state an article written by Thom Marshall in 2003. That article is named “The Second Circuit Serves Up an Ounce of Prevention” They have their article by using other articles. They have all their sources cited. Inmates have been forced to go to jail because they have been ordered by the court. How they fund the prisons is through taxes. Jails are different from prisons because jails only hold
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It is reliable because they are correctly cited and have authors that have done research with some universities. They have the years that some of the studies were done and they have it correctly cited so it clearly states who did the study and who wrote about it. They all have good clear information and they have it labeled which cite goes to which part of the essay. They have studies as new as 2017 and old as 1986. There is a wide variety of research and recourses. This information helps because it talks about the prison and history about some inmates in prisons. They also say some facts about the jail buildings itself. This will work good on my essay on why inmates are there, and the system so I can have more of an idea of what would go through their head knowing they may be heading to prison after jail. It states some of…show more content…
That's 20 years of being taken from normal societal rights. He writes about life outside of prison after 20 years. In those twenty years he has had a lot of feelings, thoughts and changes. Every day after the other he still had one thought that never changed. That thought was the joy of getting out to the outside. “Outside” meaning social population. Hey says It has in benefits and it has it negatives.“There have been many great blessings associated with my release”. “Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Prison Term” is a book he wrote about his experience of finally being on the outside. He says that he feels like he doesn't believe it true when he first got out. He always expected something would happen, like the system goofed and let out the wrong person. It's like when you get out, you're out, but you're still in. That place still holds in a way. He had to learn how to drive again, he felt as if everybody
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