Annotated Bibliography On Artificial Intelligence Has Not Revolutionized Health

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BSC100 Building Block for Science Students Annotated Bibliography Student Name Student Number Matthew Wilding 30896156 Anna d’Aloya Source 1 Salvado, O. (2016). Why artificial intelligence has not revolutionised healthcare... yet. The Conversation. Retrieved from This article is one of the most interesting in discussion of a practical involvement of artificial intelligence into the current healthcare system. The matter here is that this article consists predominantly with the critics of contemporary technology, underlining the importance of the further investigations of it. But at the same time, Salvado claims that artificial intelligence, as the technology of a future has a considerable number of advantages. The argument of the author consists of the limitations of the practical model of diagnosis, which have current systems based on the AI. Salvado underlines, even throughout the significant gap between the amount of information of which the computer may know, compared to the human brain, there is still a great difference between the accuracy of diagnosis provided by a real doctor and a program. The examples provided by the author brightly support his argument and show disadvantages and gaps in the current model of artificial intelligence technology application. The reliability of the article is hard to doubt, due to the multiple aspects which compose great importance

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