Annotated Bibliography On Compulsory Volunteering

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Compulsory Volunteering:
Possible Impacts on Volunteering Efficiency and Public Willingness
Annotated Bibliography

Chen Wenxin

University of Colorado Denver
Annotated Bibliography

Clary, E. G., & Snyder, M. (1999, October). The Motivations to Volunteer:
Theoretical and Practical Considerations. SAGE Journals. Retrieved from
Clary and Snyder describe volunteerism as a functional activity that different people would pose behaviors differently. In their research, they analyzed different functions of volunteerism and their impacts on the volunteers themselves, as well as the willingness to volunteer in the future.
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Combining both of them, it is easy for me to infer that the change of people’s volunteering willingness are reluctant with age.

Holloway, S. (2015, May 12). Hot topic: Compulsory volunteering. HR Magazine. Retrieved from
This article talks about the latest volunteering situation in England. The Conservative manifesto required employees of certain organizations to spend three days a year doing voluntary work. According to their interior surveys, most people believed that mandatory volunteering could be helpful for both volunteering and their daily work.
This article provides a fact that mandatory volunteering is becoming common in people’s lives. Although it does point out that people are on this policy, it should not be neglected that the number of respondents are limited, and most of them work for volunteering facilities.

Jenkins, G., Douglas, F., & Chamberlain, E. (2008). Compulsory volunteering: Using service learning to introduce occupation to occupational therapy students. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 71(1), …show more content…

The investigators narrow the citizenship into two aspects: active social behaviors and the sense of agency. In conclusion, the respondents shows less passion and enthusiasm while volunteering compulsively. This, as a result, descends their active behaviors, as well as the sense of agency.
This paper shows strong indications on the relations between compulsory volunteering and participants’ attitudes, which would directly lead to alters on their citizenship. This paper certifies that faulty policy on volunteering would not only reduce the amounts of future volunteers, but also degrade their citizenship.

Yang, W. (2013, July) Preferences, social capital, and compulsory volunteering. ScienceDirect. Retrieved from
In this study, the instructor concentrates on the impacts the mandatory volunteering would have on students. As it turns out, the mandatory itself has no revelation with the volunteering attitude “promotion”, but the social capital does.
This study demonstrates that the result of the research is not only solid in the communication level, but also in the science level, since is based on a scientific model called OLG model, which is used to find out the variable that leads to the individual differences in the process of mandatory

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