Annotated Bibliography On Solar Roads Essay

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Name: Jaylen Castro Date: 11/15/16 Topic 1A Artifact 2A Purpose: The name of my innovation that is being represented by my computational artifact is Solar Roads. The main purpose for Solar Roads is that they produce clean renewable energy for the surrounding environment. Solar Roads are also intelligent and can be rearranged buy coding the roads to represent pictures, signs, and cautions on the road. It can also help with road kill, snow or ice on the road, can store water and transfer it, can charge EV’s, can provide an emergency warning system, and also expand the computing technology package for other companies. 2B For my artifact i used a website called Animaker. What i did to present my artifact is show an animation type picture to represent what happens to the roads in the sun and in the rain. I used a picture of the sun and arrows pointing towards the roads and a raining animation to show what is going on. I also put some statistics on the left side to differentiate and contrast the distinct difference of asphalt, concrete, and Solar Roads. Texts are there to show a perspective view on what i am showing. 2C There are many benefits to comprehend with when you are talking about Solar Roads, but one of the main beneficial effects Solar roads contains is the generation of clean energy coming from a source called the sun(6). With having the sun available or a very very long period of time, solar roads are able to generate energy substantially without stopping.

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